“Moyra is one of a kind. She has the uncanny ability to understand each family’s needs and pair them with someone who is just the perfect fit. She is a pleasure to deal with, and it is no wonder she has such a loyal following. Thank you, Moyra for filling the gap in our family!”
“I got my first job with Cardinal Nannies in August of 1985. I worked for an awesome family in Ajax for three years before it was time to move on. Through the years I have worked for over 10 families and had a hand in raising over 25 children with the help of Moyra and Cardinal Nannies. Three years ago, my daughter also decided to become a nanny and has been matched with a great family in Whitby. Moyra has always been there for me. Congratulations on the amazing job you do!”
“It is difficult to sum up an amazing organization in just a few short words. Cardinal Nannies has been an amazing experience for me. As a nanny, I am privileged to be a part of a family that knows Cardinal Nannies has the highest standards and expectations of all their employees. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, when the alarm wakes me up, I am thrilled to start another day, which is truly a blessing. All of this would not be possible without Cardinal Nannies and Caregivers. I feel like part of a team that has all the same ideals and values as a family. I work for a family that has two little boys, ages 2 and 4, and what I have gained from spending time with them is more than I could ever give. I believe children have more to teach us than we believe they have to learn, and the world through a child’s eyes is that of wonder and awe. Thank you, Cardinal Nannies, for supporting me and my dreams to work with children, and congratulations on more than 35 years of making a difference in people’s lives.”
“This is the first time I have required this type of service in my home to care for my toddler. To be honest, I was not too sure how comfortable I would feel having someone I did not know come into my home and take over for me when I was unable to care for my own child, and I did not know how my daughter would react to a stranger. But really, it took less than 20 minutes for all of us to feel right at home.”
“Within one day the lifestyle of my elderly parents’ lives changed drastically as my mother required immediate hospitalization. The reason we were able to bring her home was that the staff of Cardinal Nannies were ready to provide 24/7 care. As my mother's health improved, we changed to only overnight care. This change was done seamlessly. The PSW's involved with my parents were perfect and showed their care for my parents. Any changes to schedules, concerns and/or questions I had were always answered immediately by Moyra or Sue. I highly recommend this agency for any care you require for a family member or loved one.”
“My 90-year-old mother was bedridden after a bad fall in June. With 24-hour help from caregivers at Cardinal Nannies, she is now mobile and able to manage on her own. The PSWs always encouraged her to improve, providing lots of activities, exercise, and companionship. At the office, the staff responded quickly, and were extremely helpful.”
“ We appreciate Cardinal Nannies for arranging a caregiver to look after us on such short notice. The Cardinal staff have been excellent to work with and we are sure glad that we made a good choice when deciding to use their care services.”

We are committed to continuing Cardinal services while following all COVID-19 protocols.